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These one of a kind brooch is from the 2017 jewellery collection "Stepping Into The Same River. Rerun". Exhibited in different galleries and exhibitions in Riga and Vienna.


Working on this collection Alise Tālberga tried to recycle patterns and shapes commonly observed in nature. Creating repetitive shapes and at the same time keeping every element of artwork unique and hand-made individually kept the balance between a delicate structure and a little imperfection. Alise likes to investigate canonicality the nature and link it to our social behaviour. Jewelry collection „Stepping Into The Same River. Rerun“ is an exploration of the relationship between a personal image and a surrounding environment.


Corals depend not only on the water they live in, but also on their relationship with algae, which feeds them and gives them their bright color. A large part of a coral‘s identity is determined by the relationship it has established with these plants. I compare the structure of a relatively simple animal - the coral - with a human being, thus expressing the conviction that everything in our universe is connected and based on very similar principles, even if this similarity is not immediately perceived.






SOLD! Coral, One Brooch

  • Silver, hand-crafted using mixed techniques.

  • 8 cm x 3,6 cm.



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