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neitherboutique is a creative label & concept store developed by two Lithuanian women  a mother and daughter. They draw inspiration from turning the casual and conventional into the slightly unusual and somewhat unexpected. neitherboutique celebrates the elegance of simplicity and the cosiness of natural textures. Its jewellery is handmade and crafted almost exclusively out of silver, which – its designers find – lends itself ingeniously both for sophisticated sculpture-like shapes and sharp clean lines.

At this gallery, neitherboutique presents exhibits from its three jewellery collections Silver Hoarfrost, Ode to Geometría and d’object[ive]. Each piece in the Silver Hoarfrost series is unique with unpredictable, unrepeatable patterns. Ode to Geometría rejoices over the sobriety of plain forms; whereas d’object[ive] incorporates outwardly random objects into adornment.

neitherboutique gallery
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