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kristiina laurits

Discover her creative work

kristiina laurits

Kristiina Laurits graduated from the department of Metal Art at the Estonian Academy of Arts (2003) and undertook further study in jewellery at Escola Massana in Barcelona(2000). Since 1995 Laurits has taken part in numerous exhibitions in Estonia and elsewhere in the world. Her work is held in public collections in Estonia, Holland and the US. In 2017 Kristiina launched her jewellery book MÕNED ÕNNELIKUD / THE HAPPY FEW. Jewellery and objects 2000-2017.

Kristiina’s work always releases the triggers of imagination. Willful capriciousness entices one to roam where the noise of the street does not reach. And what is imagination? The ability to allow your soul to fly. It is the most boundless freedom we have been given. – Tanel Veenre, Estonian jewellery artist [From the book The Happy Few. Tallinn, 2017]

Kristiina's Gallery
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