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k Ryn

K RYN JEWELLERY is handmade jewellery, designed and hand crafted by jewellery maker Karina Kocejeva since 2015 in Riga (Latvia). Having  mastered jewellery making in Florence and trained in diamond grading in Rome, Karina uses precious metals and a mixture of precious, semi-precious and uncut stones in her pieces. Her designs are inspired by unpredictable and flowing forms of nature with its ability to reflect and generate beauty and ugliness at the same time. The use of precious stones, organic shapes, rough cuts and finishes in designs emphasises the idea that imperfection is beautiful and that people, like nature, like diamonds are often at their most beautiful in the rough. KRYN Jewellery highlights how the world’s blemished allow people to think, broaden their imagination and create their own beauty, basing on their perceptions, interpretations, emotions and actions.

 "I believe there is no standard for beauty, as true beauty is synergy of ugliness and beauty both of people's mind and nature. My jewellery represents the beauty and ugliness of my own mind and imagination."

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