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Augusta Sofija Rudzikaite

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Augusta Sofija Rudzikaite

Spontaneous and always unpredictable, her creativity is a means of self expression, a poetry which she speaks in the form of jewellery. Informed by extensive travel and exploration of varied cultures, the style she has developed is in a way unripe, rough and at the same time aesthetically pristine. A savage soul, revelling in the ephemerality of life, she keeps searching for perfection in asymmetry and bizarre incongruities. Her dream is to design jewellery which is a form of art, a sensuous expression of her undeniable appreciation of natural beauty. She aspires to balance agile spontaneity with precise craftsmanship and environmentally conscious consumerism. A riotous yet sophisticated iconoclast, a true lover of creativity, she gives everything to discerning perfection through subtraction and purity.

2012 – Conceptual jewellery project, Estonian Academy of Arts, Tallinn

2013 – International exchange, Hiko Mizuno College of Jewellery, Tokyo, Japan

2014 – International exchange, prof Otto Künzli contemporary jewellery class in Munich, Germany

2015 – Jewellery and Blacksmithing Bachelor degree, Vilnius Academy of Arts

2015 – Internship at Marco Baroni’s high jewellery studio in Florence, Italy

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